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This Is Your Body,

Your Birth &

Only You Get To Make The Decisions

That Works Best For You & Your Baby.

How can I support you?

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Meet Your Doula

Rebecca Garcia

Welcome to EverEvolving Doula.

My name is Rebecca Garcia and I am thrilled you are seeking out a Doula for your journey.

I am a Certified Doula from, Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative. A doula is a birth worker that supports and educates a birthing person through their prenatal, labor/birth and postpartum period. Doulas are strictly non medical and offer emotional and educational support. This can look like offering resources, evidence based birth education, comfortable measures and offering support in whatever a birthing person may need.

I have a strong energetic pull towards this life changing work, and I am so honored to be pursuing my passion as a birth worker. I love all things birth and feel that my strongest assets are listening, empathy, providing resources and cooking homemade meals for others. I tell all my clients, if there is a birth I am there. With all the stigma and negative depictions in the media surrounding birth, I want to ensure that my clients feel secure in all their decisions without any judgments.

This Is Your Body, Your Birth & Only You Get To Make The Decisions That Work Best For You & Your Baby.

I have two little wildlings of my own, ages 3 and 5. I had such profound experiences being able to have a home birth in California, and birthing my second at a birthing center in Oklahoma. I had doulas for both births and feel as though they made my birthing journey undeniably memorable. They feed me, hit pressure points during labor, loved me, educated me and most importantly encouraged me to find my voice and strength. These are the experiences I wish to provide to my future clients.

I have experience in home-births, birth centers & hospital settings.

I understand that ones birthing journey is a sacred space, and wish to only support and offer any resources that may help aid in this time.

If you are interested or just want to connect and talk anything birth, postpartum or baby please feel free to reach out.

I am located in San Francisco and I am extending my services throughout the surrounding Bay Area.

Virtual Options Also Provided

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Grace Birth Package


4 Prenatal Visits

Included for all packages.

Creating Birth Intentions

Evidence Based Education

Attendance to Doctor Appointments

(if needed)

Birth (up to 12hr & an additional $18hr after)

Automatic 2 hr After Birth.

2-4 Postpartum Visits - 1-2 hrs


~Home Cooked Meals

~Grocery Run

~Light House Clean

~Breastfeeding Support


Open To Do Trade

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Night Doula

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Night Doula


~Feeding, Changing & Putting Baby Back To Sleep

~Light Laundry, Dishes, Cleaning

~Supporting Breast & Bottle Feed Babies


10 PM - 6 AM

Full/Part Time Available

Curated plans can be made depending on family's needs.

Hourly Rate - $50

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A platica is where we get to sit together and have a heart to heart conversation.

Followed by a Limpia, with fresh herbs from my garden.

This is emotional, physical and spiritual work.

Together we get to cultivate a space for healing by first acknowledging what is disrupting your emotional balance, and then clearing out the negative energy that is no longer serving you.

Platica & Limpia

$150- 90 Minuet Session

Herbs & Tea Included

Closing Of The

Bones Ceremony

“Closing OF Rebozo” Includes:



Yoni Steam

Closing Of The Seven

Portals With Rebozos


Includes Herbs & Set Up

Postpartum Foods

In Home Care

Closing Of Rebozo

-First we begin with releasing your emotions and sharing

your birth story.

Processing your grief, joys and who you are becoming.

- Next will be a Limpia. (herbs picked from my garden to center and clear out negative energy). 1-2hr

In the following part we will be inviting the elements. In traditional Mexican Medicine it is practiced that one enters a temazcal. (“In pre-Columbian Mexico, the four elements that are fire, water, air and earth are honored. In the case of the Temazcal, the four elements come together, they are: the air that comes and feeds the fire. The fire is what

gives the heat to the stones that come from the earth and the water that is poured on the fire, and that will create the steam that becomes air again. They are the four elements involved in this ritual. The postpartum ritual is a ritual that is passed from geneation to generation.”

- Naoli Vinaver

Currently I do not have a temazcal so I have carefully chosen a few offerings that have been passed down from my maestra's/mentors/teachers. These offerings will invite a warmth that your body with receive with intention.

- Ventosas: (Glass cups that are hearted with fire and place on your back. This is ancient Chinese medicine. Cuppings Helps with clearing out any stagnant energy and promotes blood circulation.) 45 min

- Next we do a yoni steam ( I have all the set up and herbs. Herbs will come from Steamy Chick: https://steamychick.institute/store/)

10-20 min Steam

- Lastly, Closing Of Rebozo. We use 7 rebozos at 7 different parts of your body. Here we are closing the portals that were opened during birth. 1hr

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~Beef Stew

~ Chicken Soup

~Lentil Soup



~Postpartum Snack Packs

All meals will be prepared with fresh organic ingredients and locally sorced.


Home Delivery

Proud To Be Trained & Certified Under Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative

Community Based Doula



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Lets Connect

Rebecca Garcia


(415) 606-5290